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"🦄Uniswap🦄DeFi🦄PreSale🦄News" Telegram Channel

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🔎 Uniswap v2 Alerts
Smart contract creation
🦄 #Uniswap listing

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2021-05-11 13:15:04 Polars is the new DeFi platform that seeks to solve the long-term liquidity problem in the Prediction market and for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events.

🏆Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income. 👉More info here

⁉️How platform revenues are generated and how these revenues are distributed among the stakeholders of the Polars ecosystem.

💰The main source of revenue generation is trading fees for making swaps in liquidity pools on the Polars platform. Users buy, sell and exchange polar tokens among themselves and they pay a liquidity fee for each transaction.

🎯The trading fee rate for swap in the Secondary Pool is 0.5%, and the trading fee rate in the Trade Pool is 0.3% for the swap. The higher fee in the Secondary Pool is due to the fact that there is no slippage and the price is fixed, so users have no probability of losses as a result of slippage.

📊All income from the liquidity fee paid by users is distributed in several directions:

1️⃣50% of the liquidity fee goes to market makers and liquidity providers who have added polar token liquidity to the Polars platform liquidity pools.

2️⃣20% of the liquidity fee is sent to the Base Pool as an underlying asset, thereby increasing the security of minted polar tokens and increasing their aggregate price.

3️⃣30% of the liquidity fee is sent to the governance token staking pool, where it is proportionally distributed among the governance token holders. 👉More info here

🥇Introducing POL: Polars Governance Token

🔥One of the main advantages of POL tokens is the distribution of 30% of all commissions of the POLARS platform proportionally between the holders of POL tokens.

💎30% of all platform commissions are sent to a special pool in which they are accumulated. A user who owns POL tokens at any time can stake a proportional part of the commissions from this pool in accordance with his share of ownership of POL tokens.

👥POL is used to manage the Polars platform. Obviously, such decisions within the framework of decentralized applications should be made by the most active and involved users of the POLARS platform. These are the users who invest in the platform, block their funds, make a significant trading volume .. All these activities should be rewarded with the distribution of internal Governance tokens.

In general, most of the tokens (70%) are intended for distribution among users for their activity on the Polars platform. This will allow, over time, to transfer the management of the platform to the most competent and interested users who actively use the platform and participate in its development. 👉More info here

⚙️Beta testing of the platform is a key activity for us when interacting with our users. Beta testing has 3 main objectives:

▪️Fix possible bugs if found
▪️To acquaint users with the functionality of the platform
▪️Identify early adopters and reward them with benefits

🤝We would like testers to be early holders of POL tokens on favorable terms, since their contribution to the development of the ecosystem is extremely meaningful.

🌏Community feedback will help the Polars team to build a better platform that users can trust and rely on. Beta testing will include interaction with the base pool, the secondary pool (Liquid Pool), trading pool, farming contract, incentive contract, and event betting system. Overall, it will allow detecting all the bugs and defects in the protocol, subsequently getting them fixed by the developers. Participants, on the other hand, will be able to get acquainted with the platform and existing features. 👉More info here

🔻At the end of May Polars plans to conduct Phase 1 of the public sale, after which the platform will be launched in the BSC mainnet. Currently, the Polars team is negotiating the final conditions and timing of the token sale with several IDO platforms.


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2021-05-10 16:29:07
Picture 1 from 🦄Uniswap🦄DeFi🦄PreSale🦄News 2021-05-10 16:29:07
$PLOT to list on @MXCenglish!

Listing details:
$PLOT will be listed on MXC on 11th May, 2021 at 1 pm UTC.

Trading pair:

This marks the first step of a long-term strategic partnership between PlotX & MXC, and opens up PLOT to an even wider trader base.

Traders will be able to deposit & withdraw $PLOT on both Ethereum & Polygon 💪

Read more here 👉 https://support.mxc-exchange.com/hc/en-001/articles/1260805412870

Join the conversation @plotx_official
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2021-05-06 22:41:04 🚀Uniswap V3 Mainnet Launch!

We’re thrilled to announce that Uniswap v3 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet! All relevant contract addresses can be found here.

Uniswap v3 is the most powerful version of the protocol yet, with Concentrated Liquidity offering unprecedented capital efficiency for liquidity providers, better execution for traders, and superior infrastructure at the heart of decentralized finance.

👉For a full description of v3’s features, please refer to our announcement blog post.

👉 Audit reports for the core and periphery contracts can be found here and here.

⚠️After 6 weeks, the Uniswap v3 bug bounty has returned no major findings. However, we would like to note that v3 is a complex new protocol and we cannot guarantee all bugs have been found and resolved


▪️The swap interface now routes trades through Uniswap v3 and will alert you when a better exchange rate is available on Uniswap v2.

▪️The Uniswap analytics platform — info.uniswap.org — now tracks v3 performance. You can continue to review v2 stats here.

💰Liquidity providers

🌏The pool interface now supports the creation of Uniswap v3 positions with multiple fee tiers and concentrated liquidity ranges. Each position is represented as an NFT and comes with a unique piece of on-chain generative art. Look out for rare sparkles!

🌏We have also released a migration portal for Uniswap v2 and Sushiswap LPs to seamlessly migrate their assets over to v3. Due to the introduction of concentrated liquidity, the migration portal requires LPs to specify a fee tier and price range for their allocated liquidity. A migration walkthrough guide can be found here.


✔️Developers can begin building on Uniswap v3 immediately!
Initial documentation and example projects can be found here.

💬Additionally, the Uniswap Labs team will be available to answer integration-related questions in our Discord’s #integrations channel.


What happens to the Uniswap v2 protocol?

The Uniswap v2 Protocol will remain functional and available for use as long as the Ethereum network continues to exist. However, we expect that over time the advantages of Uniswap v3 will draw a majority of liquidity and trading volume away from v2.

2️⃣Do I have to migrate my liquidity?

You are not required to migrate your v2 liquidity if you so choose. The Uniswap v2 protocol will remain active and functional in perpetuity. However, it may be advantageous to migrate liquidity as we expect a majority of trading volume — and, consequently, LP fee generation — to take place on v3.

3️⃣Will the updated Uniswap interface only execute trades through v3?

The updated interface will default to executing on v3 but will always alert you if a better trade is available on v2.

4️⃣Is there a v3 liquidity mining program?

There is no v3 liquidity mining program scheduled at launch. Uniswap governance may introduce a liquidity mining program at any time through the standard Uniswap governance process.

🦄To get involved and stay up to date:

📌Join the Uniswap community Discord

📌Join the Uniswap community Reddit

📌Follow Uniswap on Twitter

📌Register as a delegate Sybil
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2021-05-06 12:08:31
Picture 1 from 🦄Uniswap🦄DeFi🦄PreSale🦄News 2021-05-06 12:08:31
🚀Starship BSC🚀

Starship is RFI+Community based, which is 100% community driven.
Starship launched with fairlaunch in Pancakeswap, there is no presale or private sale.
Investing or trading in this project is among some ways of making money in the blockchain industry.

Starship applying a tax of 8% on every transaction.
The tax is splitting
♻️4% distributed among token holders
2% added to liquidity pool
🔙2% burn to blackhole.
🔒All initial liquidity will be locked.

Ownership will be renounced after listing.





⚠️FYI : Contract is revealed before the launch to avoid bots and early buyers at the listing.

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2021-05-05 18:01:14
BREAKING: PlotX v2 Mainnet to launch on @Polygonofficial on 14th May ’21! 🎉

The journey from v1 to v2 has been exhilarating. 4 months of dev time. 1 month of community testing. The v2 Mainnet is finally here!

v2 Mainnet will promise:
Gasless predictions
Cross-chain swaps
Guaranteed liquidity in markets
Improved & Blazing Fast Experience
Exciting new markets to predict on

Details: http://bit.ly/PlotXv2Mainnet 👀

Stay tuned for more announcements via @plotx_official! A glorious week lies ahead 🔥

We’re ready to lift-off 🚀… Are you?

RT: https://twitter.com/TryPlotX/status/1389957105285701635?s=20
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2021-05-05 04:03:45
Picture 1 from 🦄Uniswap🦄DeFi🦄PreSale🦄News 2021-05-05 04:03:45

💣🔥 We are pleased to announce we have finally been listed on CMC, we have achieved a number of milestones over the last two weeks and we are incredible grateful to the community.


If you haven't already joined our incredible community here is the link - https://t.me/windswapmembers
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2021-05-04 17:16:02
Picture 1 from 🦄Uniswap🦄DeFi🦄PreSale🦄News 2021-05-04 17:16:02
❗️COV token Price Started Rallying⁉️

⭐️The COV token is a utility token created by Covesting.io Company that is regulated by FSC (the financial authority that regulates eToro and Huobi in the field of crypto).

☝🏻The token unlocks benefits such as trading fee discounts and profit-sharing in PrimeXBT exchange. In a bid to increase demand for COV, developers have recently introduced new features to benefit token holders. Covesting Yield Accounts will be available Q3 for PrimeXBT users.

💰Buy COV now at Kucoin, Uniswap and Pancake exchanges!

P.S. Don’f forget to join PrimeXBT / Covesting telegram community to find more information about their Copy trading module and how to save up to 25% of your commission with COV token.
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2021-05-04 07:34:00
PlotX to launch on BSC next! 🚀

The future of DeFi is cross-chain & the future is now! 🧬

So, here's our next move...

With Ethereum & Polygon boxes checked, PlotX plans to launch on Binance Smart Chain next 🔥

PlotX is now the 1st cross-chain prediction market protocol! 🔮

Join the conversation @plotx_official 👀
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2021-05-03 08:49:20
Picture 1 from 🦄Uniswap🦄DeFi🦄PreSale🦄News 2021-05-03 08:49:20
The First Arab Decentralised Token built on the Binance Smart chain:

United Emirate Decentralised Coin(UEDC) Presale

Presale Date: Ongoing till 14th May 2021
1BNB= 1250 UEDC
1UEDC= $0.46
Hard Cap: 12,000,000 UEDC
Smart Contract: 0xf0b6e29c429bbb8e1448340f0776be933805344e

Presale page: http://uedcpresale.unitedemiratecoin.net
WhitePaper: https://uedcpresale.unitedemiratecoin.net/UNITED%20EMIRATE%20DECENTRALIZED%20COIN.pdf

How to Buy: https://uedcpresale.unitedemiratecoin.net/How%20to%20participate%20in%20UEDC%20presale.pdf

Join Telegram: @unitedemiratecoinofficial


Follow us on Twitter:

Unsold Tokens will be burnt. Listing on Pancakeswap after Presale.

Liquidity will be locked in for 5years
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*Deleting in few minutes as it’s invite only!*
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2021-05-01 20:19:28 D Man is the only Hall-of-Fame By ROE Bitcoin trader that rised to throne in 2020. He predicted the next move to 72900 here. Join his channel: https://t.me/joinchat/3HzfHrVrs3RmZWQ0
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2021-04-30 14:31:46
Picture 1 from 🦄Uniswap🦄DeFi🦄PreSale🦄News 2021-04-30 14:31:46

CORRECT TOKEN ADDRESS: 0xB667bbfE0DcEdae1a53555a0e8B0a14EAf0d5231

💰Purchase on Pancake Swap (USE V1 NOT V2 with 12% slippage tolerance if it doesnt work) 💰


Can't sell? Use no decimals and replace the last 0 with a 1, should work 👍

We are UNRUGGABLE❗️AND we are working with CERTIK towards an audit of our code 🥇

LP tokens burned, and liquidity locked forever.

♻️5% of all trades are redistributed to holders
🔓5% of all trades are auto-locked inside liquidity provider on PancakeSwap

✳️ Contract Address ✳️

📶 Charts 📶

AstroTools: https://app.astrotools.io/pancake-pair-explorer/0x3c836dcf1bf86c742eca3d0dfe313d500a4c00c9

Join the T'chat: t.me/SafeCometTalk
Medium: http://medium.com/@SafeCometBSC
Website: https://www.safecometcrypto.com/
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